New Kid on the Block

Call me a newby. I am a 28 yr old from Northwest Florida. I have a full time job. I am married with two kids. My wife’s sister and husband and daughter live with us as well. We all had a “pow wow” one day and decided to start a home business. As of 03/01/18 we started Trident Custom Designs. We are literally starting it from our garage. We have a vinyl and heat press machine. We currently make customized decals, shirts, hats, mugs, and more. Our business is on Facebook, Intagram, and Twitter. Our website should be up by 03/13/18. We even ordered Business Cards!! I decided to blog to stretch out and gather up resources/contacts/advice/encouragement etc. We are young but hungry. Although we have full time jobs and kids, we still have been working hard to promote our business.

Also, I have never blogged before. I have no idea how any of this goes. A.K.A. New Kid on the Block.