*Darkness to Light*

My toes in the sand and my eyes to the sky. I look in the darkness and breath out a sigh. This beauty I behold can not be by chance. This breath taking view makes my heart want to dance.  I look to the horizon and darkness I see.  I look to the horizon and think about me. Me?. Me?? Am I kidding myself!? How can I look at this creation and ponder MY life? When others  are out there living in strife. How prideful am I to think about me. How stupid am I that I can’t even see. There is suffering in this world that God has placed me in. I can take in His beauty, but that can’t be the end. I must go out and change this beating heart I bleed. Make it less about me and more about those in need. To this world I am sorry for my prideful heart. I know now exactly where I need to start. I’ll make a difference if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll make a difference…what about you?


1 thought on “*Darkness to Light*”

  1. Yes – we are each here for a purpose. Living a passive life isn’t good enough. We have to actively be doing what God has called us to do. Thanks for the reminder.
    (Thank you for visiting my blog!)


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